Marko was founded in 1995 and started the production of custom-made kitchen furniture. For over 10 years we have also been creating complete furniture bodies for luxury yachts of the Danish company X-Yachts, XO Boats, Comaxel and Adriatica. This required us to master craftsmanship and create the highest quality products.

We have a modern machine park (m.in CNC machines and our own paint shop) and technology, thanks to which we produce a very diverse, unique yacht furniture in short delivery times.

We are a reliable business partner We believe that honesty and communication are the most important things in cooperation. We don’t turn our heads when our business partners need help. We combine the experience and competence necessary to implement large demanding projects with flexibility and speed of decision. Recently, we have started cooperation with external designers.


Since the beginning of our company’s existence, we have been guided by values that reflect for us craft tradition and history. We transfer our experience to the design of yacht bodies, using what we know best – creating solutions that work in the most demanding environment:

Compact functionality;

Ergonomic combination of multiple functions; 

Optimal use of small spaces; 

Using noble and elemental resistant materials;

Design understood as attention to detail;

Harmonious combination of different materials and surfaces;

Manual finishes, rounding edges;

Bent wooden elements

– that is, everything that we value in yacht boats. 

The main values that set the direction for our projects mostly include: 



Local, because we are proud of our tradition and the place we come from. 

Marko Kitchen is:

  • a family business,
  • a regional brand from Podlasie,
  • a Polish company, that realizes both the design and manufacturing process in Poland,
  • a company which has cooperation with local suppliers, drawing on local heritage,
  • a company with experience in international business.

Functionality, because the kitchen is a place where everything must be at hand.


Functionality in our furniture:

– simplicity,

– intuitiveness,

– ergonomics,

– compactness,

– ease of use,

– maximum use of space,

– organisation,

– no place for random solutions.



Invention, because we are looking for new solutions based on the analysis of trends and user needs.


We are not afraid of experimenting. With all this, we can propose proprietary solutions and technologies that no one else in the industry uses.


Craftsmanship, because hand-crafted details are the greatest value. 


Craftsmanship in our furniture:

– we use noble and natural materials,

– handicraft; human hands, not machines, are working for us

– uniqueness – no mass production,

– attention to detail,

– attention to every customer. 

Adventure, because life is all about emotions; emotions that the customer experiences when using our products.   

Adventure in our furniture:

  • the nice surprise one has at the discovery of some hidden functions, materials used, and use methods, 
  • a sense of freedom, no place for restrictions in cooking,
  • joy, fun, satisfaction, and pleasure.


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Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe „MARKO” Marek Dermont, Marek Malinowski Spółka Jawna z siedzibą w miejscowości Zielone Kamedulskie 30, 16-402 Suwałki informuje, że zawarło umowę na realizację projektu pn.: „Wzór na konkurencję” dla PPHU „MARKO” Marek Dermont, Marek Malinowski Spółka Jawna, współfinansowanego z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego, realizowanego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Polska Wschodnia na lata 2014-2020, Oś Priorytetowa i Przedsiębiorcza Polska Wschodnia, Działanie 1.4 Wzór na konkurencję.

Opis projektu:  Usprawnienie procesów produkcyjnych nowych produktów w celu wdrożenia ich w oczekiwanych przez rynek jakości i terminach oraz przede wszystkim zwiększenie potencjału firmy w zakresie umiejętnego wykorzystania wzornictwa przy projektowaniu nowych produktów.

Beneficjent: Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe „MARKO” Marek Dermont, Marek Malinowski Spółka Jawna

Miejscowość: Zielone Kamedulskie, woj. podlaskie

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